August 27 2013 Tuesday at 02:01 PM

INTRODUCING | Kelsey and Baylee Soles

When you first meet Kelsey Soles and Baylee Soles they take your breath away. Both of them have such stunning natural beauty.

We had the pleasure to work with them on set for our Winter 2014 look book and campaign shoot in Auckland, this weekend just been. On and off camera their bubbly personalities were refreshing and their American accents charming. We loved them!

Today we asked the girls a few questions about themselves so you could get to know them a little better. 

Do either of you have a nick name?

Kelsey: Haha not that i know of.

Baylee: I don't think I have a nick name. I've always wanted one but they never stick. The closest thing i've heard is probably Bay or BayBay.

Tell us one fact most people don't know about you?

Kelsey: I can juggle, and I'm really good at math. Oh, and brussel sprouts are my favorite food. 

Baylee: Most people probably don't know that I have a fear of germs. The thought of them just creeps me out!

Who is your all time celebrity crush?

Kelsey: Chuck Bass

Baylee: Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip girl

Favorite shoot/job to date?

Kelsey: This question is always so hard to answer because every shoot is so different! But I really enjoyed shooting this one editorial with my sister in the Hampton's and it was so beautiful! Anything I do with my sister is always fun. 

Baylee: It would have to have been my opportunity to participate in New York Fashion Week last season walking for Theyskens' Theory and Rachel Zoe. 

Favorite part of the world?

Kelsey: New York.

Baylee: I haven't travelled much... only New Zealand and New York so far with Australia shortly coming up! I'm probably very biased because I miss my friends and family so much right now but I'm going to say back, on the east coast of the US! New York or my hometown in South Carolina! As long as I'm in the same time zone as them!

What's on your play list at the moment?

Kelsey: Well right now it's a mixture of 90's rap / R&B because my ipod refuses to download all of the music on my computer.

Baylee: I get so humiliated whipping out my iPod nowadays because it is seriously filled up with 90s pop music! That's it! If I do listen to music then I really love rap.

Ultimate guilty pleasure?

Kelsey: I think that if I could eat crab legs for every meal I would be a very happy girl.

Baylee: That would have to be gum! I just really love it! I probably chew around 3-4 packs a week. I can't help myself, it's just so addictive!